"Are you ready to learn the simple secrets
that can help you to naturally create
a trim, healthy and vibrant body?

Find out how you can use a proven, easy to follow method
to lose weight naturally and keep it off for good,
without dieting, drugs or deprivation…

From: Katrina Love Senn
Location: London, United Kingdom

Your birthright to feel healthy, vibrant and energised.

Dear Friend,

If you have been struggling to lose weight and keep it off for good, and you have been wondering how you are going to break free of the dangerous dieting cycle, then read on...

This could be your chance to create the trim, healthy body of your dreams.

In fact, if you want to lose weight and keep it off for good then this could be the very information you have been waiting your whole life to discover…

This letter could very well change the way you have been thinking about your body, your health and ultimately how you have been making decisions and living out your entire life…

This letter could very well
transform your life…

Does any of this sound like you?

You feel frustrated because you are unable to lose weight ….no matter what you do.
You feel angry at yourself for getting sucked into believing the marketing promises and lies of the big and powerful dieting companies?
You tell yourself that if you just had a bit more willpower and discipline to stick at a diet …this time you really could lose that extra bit of weight?
You feel powerless and out of control in regards to your health and your body...
You feel terrified at the prospect of being overweight for the rest of your life?
You’ve tried everything to lose weight and you are wondering if you should just give up on the idea of ever getting into shape and being trim and healthy. Maybe you are wondering if you should just resign yourself to living a life being overweight and feeling depressed.

You get so excited with each new diet and promise yourself that this time you will do things differently. Until the disastrous day when maybe you are feeling upset or tired and you don’t know how it happened but you’ve just swallowed the last bite of a piece of cake. Then do you feel guilty?

Do you beat up on yourself? Do you listen to that voice in your that head tells you, you really are useless and hopeless?

Do you criticise yourself, and say things, "Well if you can’t stick to this diet, how are you ever going to lose weight?"

And over the next short while do you start to notice that once again your clothes are growing tighter, and you are horrified to discover that you’ve actually gained weight ... and miserably failed on yet another diet.....

And do you find that what still remains of your broken self esteem and self confidence sinks even lower, as you question if there is any possibility of this cycle ever ending…?

You are feeling so desperate to lose weight that you would do anything to be trim, even thinking about having expensive procedures and surgery, like liposuction, stomach stapling or jaw stapling?
You are damaging your body by eating or taking dangerous dieting pills, shakes, weight loss patches or other toxic and questionable dieting gimmicks?

If so, then you and I have a lot in common...

So please read on...

This letter contains information that WILL certainly change your life....

You are about to uncover a proven system that is the only way to lose weight and keep it off for good...

Yes, it is possible for you to feel powerful around your body.

You can take back control of your health and effortlessly create a trim body which will miraculously transform the possibilities for how you can live your life…


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Why I Created “Eat Yourself Trim”….

You see outside of you are BIG financially powerful and well connected forces that want nothing more than to keep you fat, confused, scared, disempowered and yo-yo dieting for the rest of your life.

Yep that’s right.

Sounds terrible doesn’t it?

But have a think about this…

Collectively, the media, the dieting industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical industry and the food industry, (just to name a few), spend billions upon billions of dollars doing just that...

Why on Earth Would Companies
Do This To You and Me?

  • Money...
  • Greed. ..
  • Profits...

Whatever you want to call it…it all boils down to the same thing… Financial gains at any expense, including your health and well-being...

It's sad, but unfortunately it's true.

Food, pharmaceutical and dieting companies are working in “partnership” together, marketing products that promise to save us...

They market to our vulnerabilities, our fears, our emotional insecurities about not feeling good enough, not feeling worthy, coupled with our guilt and confusion....

The media know all about psychology. The are the experts. They know that bad news sells.

They know that if they print it, we buy it... They know that we have been unconsciously hard-wired that way...

The media know how to create an unreal and “fantasy world” of how we are supposed to live, you know the story; picket fence, roses and happy forever after... And ladies, listen up... We have given them the power to dictate and falsely create the illusion of what the female body should and shouldn't look like...

And the Result?

They have developed multi-million and billion dollar companies and built HUGELY successful brands and businesses based on feeding our addictions, our fears and our vulnerabilities.

Look around your world right now!

Almost every company is trying to market and sell you something...

From here, these companies almost have us...

And the RESULTS for women all over the world are heart-breaking and devastating...

I know because this is exactly how I suffered....

For years, I felt ashamed of my body, and myself. I felt like I didn't measure up....

I felt fat when I read fashion magazines... I shut down emotionally, scared of admitting my own perceived shortcomings. With each diet that failed, I fell deep into that dieting cycle, accompanied with the feelings of guilt and failure.

Maybe you have experienced the same thing I did?

We compare ourselves to others, we feel like a failure.

Consciously and unconsciously, we want to look like how we believe and have been taught by media pictures that we SHOULD look like. But we don't. No-one does...

Think about this - In real life, even the models and super-models themselves don't really look like their pictures...

The whole image thing of what we should look like was and is totally unrealistic. It was designed that way. It has all been made up. And the crazy thing is this.. It is a trap...

A trap to make us feel like we've failed.

The bottom line though is that we feel like we aren't good enough...

And, it is at this exact point, this exact moment in time, that we give away our "real" power. The power I am talking about is our inner power, our inner strength and our inner knowing...

And that’s when these powerful forces outside of us, really do have us in their grip. Now we are like soft putty in the hands of big business; like those within the food, dieting, pharmaceutical, and media companies...

I Can Show you How to Lose Weight

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But, You Can Successfully Break Free
of All of These Powerful Forces Like I Did!

You can learn how to break free of the strong hold of control these outside influences have over you and your mind.

You can learn how to see through these games of control, rather than be controlled by them...

In my brand new program I show you step-by-step all that you need to know, so that you can “You Can Eat Yourself Trim”.

This program spills the beans on some of the ‘little-known secrets’ that have helped women discover an easy and proven way to successfully lose weight and keep it off for good.

This program will show you how you can eat more food than ever before. To share a little about my story and the 'You Can Eat Yourself Trim' program.....

I stopped counting calories, I stopped beating myself up, and I stopped doing exercise I hated. And contrary to most weight loss books and weight loss plans, for the first time ever I started losing weight for good… And today I've kept it off for over 10 years now...

  • Wouldn’t it be great to lose weight naturally without even having to try?
  • Wouldn't it be great not to have to buy bigger clothes when your current wardrobe doesn’t fit?
  • Wouldn't it be great to be asked about your new trim figure?
  • Wouldn’t it be great for your inner beauty, vibrant health and radiance to naturally shine out of you?

    I believe that it really is your birthright to be trim and vibrantly healthy.

You may wonder how I could confidently make such a bold statement?

It's simple...

Based on my own personal transformational weight loss story … from sick and overweight to today, vibrant, healthy and trim with loads of energy….

Only 10 short years ago, I was overweight and very sick.

My adrenals collapsed in on themselves and even though I am embarrassed to admit it, I had to be spoon fed back to health by my own mother.

I promised myself that this time I would do something different.

And I made a decision. I made a decision to do whatever it took to learn what I needed to know to lose weight for good and transform my life.

I committed to taking 100% responsibility for my health, my body and my life.

Although, I didn't know what, I knew something had to change...

The crazy yo-yo dieting and stressed out, busy lifestyle I had been living to please others over the past few years had to STOP.

It was then, that I discovered some important and critical distinctions that allowed me to release weight for good. Since then, I have lost over 60 pounds and kept it off for almost 10 years… I have a wonderful relationship with food, and with my soul-partner. I do work that I love, that gives my life a sense of purpose and contribution. I feel so blessed to be alive, and live in a constant state of deep gratitude.

As you can imagine, my life has been radically transformed, and so can yours...

You see, this program is different from most...

The idea is to share with you all the knowledge and the distinctions I have discovered and used in my own life over the past 12 years which allowed weight release to be EASY and yes, even FUN!

In this prodict, it's like I am taking you by the hand and showing you step-by-step exactly what I changed in my life, so that you can do the same...

Here are a some of the things you’ll find in the “You Can Eat Yourself Trim” program.

MP3 Recording #1: You Can Lose Weight

Audio length: 35 minutes

In this MP3 recording you'll learn...

  • How to find the inspiration to really believe in yourself and your dreams, even when no-one else does...
  • How to look beyond your weight problems, to heal and address the "real" problem...
  • That lying dormant within you lies a great power that can help you to achieve all of your wildest dreams...
  • That your internal world is constantly creating your reality and how you can use this distinction to lose weight
  • Why losing weight is so hard in today's society and one powerful distinction that could potentially shift you from that limited-thinking paradigm forever...

MP3 Recording #2: 10 Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Audio length: 71 minutes

In this MP3 recording you'll learn...

  • How to break free of the dieting habit for good and stop worrying or torturing yourself about your weight
  • How I kicked the bathroom scales habit and what I used to sucessfully measure my weight loss instead
  • How to break free from feelings of confusion, fear and overwhelm that only serve to keep you stuck and paralysed from moving forward
  • How to stop measuring calories, carbs and fat
  • That most people are eating too little of the right food and too much of the wrong food, and what to do instead
  • How to heal food cravings for good
MP3 Recording #3: Frequently Asked Questions

Audio length: 83 minutes

In this MP3 recording you'll learn...

  • Which foods to eat
  • Which foods to avoid
  • How to get conscious and change the destructive lifestyle habits that are robbing you of your health and energy
  • How to eat chocolate (and still lose weight!)
  • The first thing you need to do to start losing weight
  • How to flavour your food with healthy, natural seasonings so that healthy food will look and taste delicious


What the 'You Can Eat Yourself Trim' Program is not...

- This is not a "quick-fix" solution that will have you losing weight and regaining it. This is not a yo-yo diet. This is a proven program to permanently release excess weight and get you the results that you really want.

- This is not a temporary crash-diet to lose pounds in days... This is a sustainable program that will have you thinking and eating in new ways that nourishes and heals your body, mind and spirit.

- This is not a 'fly-by-night' program that recommends fad diet pills, magazines, tapes, unhealthy lifestyle choices or trendy and popular supplements. The information in this program is all-natural, and has safely stood the test of time. It is a tried and tested, and sustainable way of living an amazing healthy life.

- Nor is this another boring, tasteless, or bland diet plan, just like all the others. There is no counting calories, carbs or fat. There is no portion control, measuring or restrictions. This is a unique program that works, and it shows you how to create results that last. And it really works.

This program is fully guaranteed. And it has been proven to work.

This is a product I created that anyone can use…

Even if you are not sure how to go about starting to lose weight this program takes you by the hand and guides you through the process step-by-step…. from beginning to end… from where you are today to helping you achieve your dream body and stepping into vibrant, radiant health…

This product will show you...

- How to eliminate the need for diet pills, HRT, drugs, statins, medications or expensive surgery that in the long term only poisons your body and weakens your immune system (This one tip alone will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime!)

- How to feel so good about yourself …..that other people will start to notice you glowing from the inside out.


Discover how to feel confident and self assured from the inside out.


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Does All This Sound Too Good to be True?

When you know that there really is an easy way to lose weight naturally you can keep it off for good. Read on to find out how I live my life now, and you can too…

Trim healthy women living the “You Can Eat Yourself Trim” way feel empowered to live lives that they love.

They eat food they love, that tastes delicious...

This food energises them, sustains them and gives them the fuel they need to feel refreshed even at the end of the day. They feel a sense of aliveness. They do exercise that they love which brings them alive.

In just a few days time you too could be feeling completely different about your body...

You could be on the path to connecting to your inner goddess; your natural beauty and your inner radiance, feeling fabulous and living a life that you totally love. You could be connecting with their inner trim beautiful self, totally free of dieting and on a path to health, trim-ness and looking and feeling fabulous.

By Taking Action TODAY You Will Also Receive the Following 2 x Free Bonus Gifts…

Bonus Gift #1: How to Get Started (Value GBP $27)

In this 46 page e-workbook you wil learn...

  • The formula I used to shift my inner world to create healthy habits that resulted in me manifesting success in all areas of my life, including weight loss
  • Why you must "reset your inner compass" to achieve the health and happiness you desire and how you can do it
  • The 7 step process to get you started on your weight loss journey today, with specific exercises to work through, set out in a work book style
  • The herbal supplements that I recommend
  • Which foods to avoid
  • How to keep yourself motivated with lots of ideas, inspiration and guidance to support you on your own journey of personal transformation

Bonus Gift #2: 25 Golden Weight Loss Rules (Value GBP $17)

In this 6 page bonus ebook you will learn...

  • The 25 Golden Rules of Weight Loss that I used to release over 60 pounds and to keep it off for good
  • What I call the Lose: Lose philosophy
  • What I call the Win:Win philosophy
  • That magic happens when you start applying the Win:Win philosophy to your daily approach to life, not only in regards to your health but also your happiness, self esteem and self worth

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But please don’t just take my
word for it…

Here is a snapshot of what people are saying about Katrina and the “You Can Eat Yourself Trim” program….

It's not often I come across a way of eating that fits in so well with my lifestyle, but the Eat Yourself Trim program does just that. Katrina introduces different ideas in such a low-key and gentle way that you don't feel you're being professionally advised. She's more like a good friend sitting down and chatting with you and making suggestions. I absolutely trust her experience and judgment, and I know that the wellbeing and happiness of her clients is of major priority to her.

Jean Gilhead


I shall ever be thankful to Katrina for being a channel for me to obtain this ownership over my life and for giving me the gift of pure love.

Carrie Phoenix


I feel like Katrina shone a light on me when I really needed it and mirrored my own strengths and capabilities.

Soraya A


Katrina, the gift of discovering how much potential I have - is something I will treasure and take forward. Thank you so much!

Anita Johnston


Thank you Katrina! Your own simple beauty and wisdom has inspired me that I can achieve the same.

Linden G


Thank you Katrina. You're amazing! Thank you for helping me to remember my own spiritual path and higher purpose. Wishing you much love, light and laughter.

Sara Anderson

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So what’s a program like this
worth to you?

While there are lots of programs and information out there on how to lose weight, but ask yourself what’s the point in losing weight if you can’t keep it off?

99 % of all dieters fail (which means after they lose weight, they end up gaining it all back again). And most dieting programs miss this very point. I want you to learn an easy way to lose weight and how to keep the weight off for good so that you never EVER have to diet or worry about being fat again.

The only other way you can get this information is to program a one on one coaching session with me which costs $300 an hour.

Which is why the “You Can Eat Yourself Trim” program is such a bargain at just $47.

That’s right, $47 is just a fraction of what it’s really worth and what it cost me to learn.

Why would I make it so affordable?

Simply because I have committed my purpose in life to sharing with people how to live vibrant and trim lives that they absolutely love.

I have been where you are right now and I know the results and power of the information when applied to your life is nothing short of miraculous.

Effortlessly and easily you will learn how to transform your body and your life, looking and feeling great, being trim and turning heads wherever you go...

Think about this...

How much have you already spent on a quest for this information?

I bet that $47 is only a drop in the ocean compared to everything that you have already spent on trying to get trim.

Think about all the money you’ve literally thrown away on programs, magazines, tapes, pills, dieting fads and buying all the fattening foods and drinks.

This program will show you step-by-step how to save bundles of money only eating and buying mouth watering and delicious food that will see you shrinking faster than you ever thought possible!

Here's My Guarantee To You

Buy the Eat Yourself Trim eCourse
Right Now!

Buy Now!
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Only $47.00!

Save $30.00

Plus you get $44 worth of bonuses absolutely FREE.


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Wishing you much vibrant health and vitality,

Katrina Love Senn x

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PSS. No matter how depressed or frustrated you may be feeling about your weight I can guarantee you that if you purchase this product and start putting this timeless and proven advice into action in your life you will look and feel like a completely different woman. Not only will you feel it but others will notice your inner light, confidence and radiance too...

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