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Please rush me your 'Eat Yourself Trim eCourse' weight loss guide that people all around the world are raving about.

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Bonus Gift #1: How to Get Started (Value $27)

In this 46 page e-workbook you wil learn...

  • The formula I used to shift my inner world to create healthy habits that resulted in me manifesting success in all areas of my life, including weight loss
  • Why you must "reset your inner compass" to achieve the health and happiness you desire and how you can do it
  • The 7 step process to get you started on your weight loss journey today, with specific exercises to work through, set out in a work book style
  • The herbal supplements that I recommend
  • Which foods to avoid
  • How to keep yourself motivated with lots of ideas, inspiration and guidance to support you on your own journey of personal transformation

Bonus Gift #2: 25 Golden Weight Loss Rules (Value $17)

In this 6 page bonus ebook you will learn...

  • The 25 Golden Rules of Weight Loss that I used to release over 60 pounds and to keep it off for good
  • What I call the Lose: Lose philosophy
  • What I call the Win:Win philosophy
  • That magic happens when you start applying the Win:Win philosophy to your daily approach to life, not only in regards to your health but also your happiness, self esteem and self worth


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